Thursday, June 27, 2019

Cover Reveal!!

Alright, I know I probably should have posted this on Tuesday, but I was just so caught up on all my other social channels celebrating the release day of my Cover Reveal!! Honestly, I'm so excited to finally share the cover, because that means that release day will be here in the blink of an eye and I am SO PUMPED to have this book out into the wild... Well, actually I'm more like a nervous wreck while going through more edits at the moment, but you get the idea! So without more blabber from me, let's take a look at this beauty right here!

I'm currently in the works with my cover designer to discuss the rest of the series, and I know for a fact that it's going to be really hard having to hold that in for so long! Even for this cover, I've been holding onto it since January! I guess that means I better get my ass into gear and get to work on the rest of this series!

Four years ago, when I left him in the dust as my car sped away, I thought I’d never have to see Nick Andrews again.

That is, until I was called to my mother’s deathbed to say goodbye.

I wasn’t ready to lose her. I wasn’t ready for the man who broke my heart to tell me my mother had cancer, that she only had days left to live.

Seeing Nick after all this time—hot as ever and completely off limits—ripped open the scars he’d left four years ago. The pain. The heartache. With our complicated past, I wasn't sure I could let him in again.

How can you love someone after they shatter your heart and leave it strewn all over the ground, only to want to do it all over again?

I thought when she left me in the dust four years ago, I wouldn’t see Violet Moore again.

That is, until she came home to her sick mother—my patient—who only had days left to live.

I was the one who took care of people when they needed it the most, but here I was struggling to keep my heart rate down watching Violet lose everything that mattered to her most.

And I was one of them.

But I wouldn’t let her lose me again. With our complicated past not yet settled in the ground, I was going to do anything it took to have her back again.

Even if it meant opening old wounds.
Because there was still a fire.

Under The Scars

Pre-Order Links

I cannot wait for you all to read Nick and Violet's story on August 15th when it's released! If you're wanting to order a physical copy, they will be available on release day! Feel free to share the links and news on my Cover Reveal!

Keep Reading Booklovers!
~Isabella Morgan

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